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Medical Alarms for the Diabetes

Medical Alarms are wonderful products for people with diabetes. Diabetes is a serious disease in which a persons body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is necessary in the body to convert starches, sugars and other food into energy for every day life.

Medical Alarms are useful for both type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.


Medical Alarms for Type 1 diabetes: When the body fails to produce insulin. Typically diagnosed in young children, medical alarms can be a great benefit to those with type 1 diabetes. Complications of the disease include heart disease, never damage, kidney damage, and blindness. Insulin shock or hypoglycemia can occur at any time and having a medical alarm can prepare you for such an emergency. Dizziness, coma, headaches, fainting -- the quick response of a diabetic medical alarm can be the difference between life and death.


Medical Alarms for Type 2 diabetes: When the body has an insulin resistance or fails to use insulin properly. At times the body does not recognize the insulin, causing it to build up in the cells instead of helping to make energy. Over time this could effect vital organs, kidneys, heart, nerves and even your eyesight. Being ready and feeling comfortable enough to cope with your disease is essential in living with diabetes. Having a medical alarm will always let you be prepared for any medical emergency that could result of the disease such as heart problems, nerve problems, and kidney failure.


Medical Alarms for Gestational Diabetes: Common name for diabetes found in women after pregnancy. In most cases its type 2 diabetes. This effects 5% of pregnant women. Not taking precautions to keep your body safe with this condition can hurt your unborn baby. Medical alarms and medical alerts are great devices to not only help during pregnancy, but even up to the day of delivery and the future of mother and child. Heart problems, fainting, kidney or nerve failure are risks that could happen at any time in your pregnancy and require immediate medical alarm response.





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