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How Medical Alarms work:


A medical alarm, or medical alarm system is a transmitter button that you wear on your body. It can come in many forms, as a medical alarm necklace, a medical alarm bracelet or even as a cell phone or belt clip. The transmitter comes with a medical alarm base unit. When an emergency occurs, such as a fall, heart attack, stroke, fire, burglar, domestic disturbance, the user presses the button on the transmitter or the medical alert unit which then sends a signal to a call center.

The call center is where our trained medical alarm specialists process your emergency response. They communicate through the two way radio in the unit and try to assess the help needed for the situation. If no one response, they will dispatch help immediately. The ambulance, fire or police are not the only one who they contact. The operators will also alert other people that you decide on. It can be family, loved ones, friends neighbors and even your doctor.

Medical Alarms work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you during any emergency. Getting help quickly is a piece of mind for seniors and their friends, family and loved ones.




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