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Medical Alarms are not just for seniors.
Medical Alarms for Stroke Victims
Medical Alerts for Heart Attack Sufferers
Medical Alarm for Alzheimer's
Medical Alarms for Disabled
Medical Alarm for Diabetes

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    Certified by Underwriter's Laboratories for UUFX Protective Signaling Services Central Station, CRZH National Industrial Security Systems, CVSG Mercantile Burglar Alarm Systems. Factory Mutual Approved Central Station, and certified to comply with the stringent regulations required to monitor fire alarms in the New York City's Boroughs. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Medical Alert Equipment

Q. How far away does the medical alarm transmitter work from the base unit?
A. Our transmitters work up to 400 feet inside or outside your home. Medical Alert Transmitters up to 1000 feet are available through phone inquiry.

Q. Is the transmitter water proof?
A. Yes the transmitter is 100% water proof. You may wear it in the shower, bath tub or anytime you are touching the water.

Q. Do I have to choose between the wrist band or the necklace style transmitter?
A. No, both accessories will be sent to you.

Q. What happens if I lose power at my home, will my Emergency Reporting System unit still work?
A. Yes, our medical alarm units will operate on the built in battery back up for up to 32hours (up to 96 with phone inquiry). Once the power comes back on the battery will automatically recharge itself.



Once I push the emergency transmitter button, what happens?
A. When you push the transmitter, our base un it dials a toll free phone number going to our operations center. Once we have received the signal, one of our live, professional associates will try to speak with you through the built in speakerphone.

Q. What does the associate do if I want someone from my Responsible Party list contacted?
A. The associate will attempt to call the individual from the Responsible Party list, and if there is no answer, we would then call the other people on the list.

Q. What should I do if I accidentally push the transmitter button?
A. You can do one of two things: 1. Press the cancel button on our base unit. 2. When the associate speaks with you, just let them know that everything is ok.


Q. Is there a trial period for the system?
A. Yes. We have a 30 day guarantee. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied you can return the equipment for a full refund.

Q. Are their any up front cost?
A. No. We cover all medical alarm equipment costs, activation fees, programming fees, and set up fees.

Q. How much does it cost to ship the medical alert unit?
A. Nothing. Standard shipping between 3-5 days is free. If you need the unit faster it can be shipped express for an additional charge.


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