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Learn More About How a Medical Alarm from Medical Monitoring USA Can Help You and Your Loved Ones.


Medical Alarms are not just for seniors.
Medical Alarms for Stroke Victims
Medical Alerts for Heart Attack Sufferers
Medical Alarm for Alzheimer's
Medical Alarms for Disabled
Medical Alarm for Diabetes

  • A Response Team You Can Trust.
    Certified by Underwriter's Laboratories for UUFX Protective Signaling Services Central Station, CRZH National Industrial Security Systems, CVSG Mercantile Burglar Alarm Systems. Factory Mutual Approved Central Station, and certified to comply with the stringent regulations required to monitor fire alarms in the New York City's Boroughs. 


Medical Alarms and Senior Medical Alerts are monitored 24 hours a day. Medical Alarms give people independence and security.


A medical alarm can save your life. In occurrence of a fall, injury, fire, medical alert, panic or emergency, just a push of your medical alarm button on your wrist band, medical necklace or medical monitoring unit will instantly alert our medical monitoring facility. Here trained professionals are working around the clock, 24/7 to help keep you and your family safe and healthy. It is proven that getting help quickly prevents death and injury as well as reduces the term or even the need for hospitalization.


Our Medical Alarm/Medical Alert Facility is #1 in the USA for Medical Monitoring


The Emergency Alert Reporting System (E.A.R.S.) monitoring system is a state-of-the-art facility with next generation, self healing, redundant technology, staffed with highly-trained friendly associates that are at your side with the push of a button. Our associates training program is an exhaustive six week process that gives our employees the tools needed to process medical alarms and serve you with unmatched professionalism and competence in the industry. This has allowed us to provide more of a personalized touch which is the key to our success.


Did you know that with our Medical Alarms you can customize your contacts list?


Medical Monitoring USA is always here to notify medical, fire and police but its just as important to us that your family, friends and neighbors are alerted to your situation as well. We will immediately notify all contacts on a list that you personalize. Doctors and your current health care providers can also be added to ensure extra safety. Your health and safety is our business and with Medical Monitoring USA you will never be alone.



1. Press the Button on the medical alarm unit or transmitter and a call for help is automatically dialed to our alert center


medical alarm


2. Our trained associates response to your call, asses the situation and immediately dispatch the proper fire, police or medical help.


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3. As help arrives, our associates will then contact your pre selected friends, family and doctors.

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Did you know that Medical Monitoring USA Medical Alarms can increase and extend personal independence?

Our medical alarm unit is an alternative to living in a assisted living facility.
We give families security and comfort to let their loved ones live independently, knowing that even if they can't be by their side, we always are.
Medical Monitoring USA increases safety and quality of living to elderly and handicapped allowing them to be safe in the comfort of their own homes.
Medical Monitoring USA gives reassurance that in any emergency you will never be alone.


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